The decision to use home staging services in Melbourne won’t be taken lightly by residential sellers who are hoping to maximise their value.

If they are unsure about how to present the house, what to include, what to remove and how to repurpose the environment, there will be specialists in the city who have the training and resources to handle the task at hand. 

Here are the 6 main reasons clients will have for getting in contact with home staging services in Melbourne

1) Driving up Investor Asking Price

The biggest motivation that is in play for clients using home staging services in Melbourne is to drive up the asking price from potential investors. In this regard, the cost of doing business with these professionals is seen as an investment instead of a wasted financial exercise. The better the aesthetics and the more features and dimensions that are sourced through these practitioners, the higher that interested parties are willing to go to pay for the privilege of being the victorious bidder for the location. 

2) Improving the First Impression 

Everyone has been told at some stage in their life how important it is to make a quality first impression. That initial point of contact often shapes perceptions moving forward, even if there are changes and improvements along the journey. Home staging services in Melbourne are experts when it comes to this first impression requirement, introducing styles, the furniture pieces, aesthetics and property dynamics that presents that ‘wow’ factor people are looking for when they walk through the door. 

3) More Online & Offline Engagements 

Melbourne residents who are looking to optimise their property for an upcoming sales opportunity will find that home staging practitioners are able to deliver on a very key metric. The ability to drive up engagements in online and offline settings is critical because putting a property up for sale and improving the asking price necessitates a level of competition from the beginning. Making the listing public and visible to certain demographics through these channels is paramount and this is where they deliver the goods. 

4) Pointing Towards Property Assets 

The ability to highlight assets and shift focus away from some property shortcomings is where home staging services in Melbourne really highlight their features. It might be the dining area, the quality of the carpets, the open environment of the kitchen, the great features of the bathroom or beyond. They will pinpoint what needs to draw the eye and what can be hidden or minimised to ensure that those drawbacks don’t impact the perspective of potential buyers. 

5) Outlining Floor Plan & Spacial Dynamics 

One of the reasons why residents will reach out to contact home staging services in Melbourne will be their effective measures put in place for floor planning and spacial dynamics. Thanks to their extensive resource set, they can furnish empty rooms and locations that need added depth and features while showcasing available space in calculated areas of the property. This is part of the science that will contribute to the first impression requirement and to match the aesthetic goals, but the dynamics around space will be a major factor that influences the appetite for investment. 

6) Expediting a Sales Opportunity 

The final motivation for clients to pick up the phone and contact home staging services in Melbourne will be around time management demands. There have been many case studies where residents in the city will work through the regular real estate agency avenue only to find that their home has no interest for weeks and even months on end. In order to generate that momentum and build up to a relatively quick sales opportunity, this is a proactive approach that delivers returns.