For public spaces, drinking fountains are regarded as the best choice of water supply. Their sturdiness, relatively low cost, and low maintenance make them very suitable for many people’s usage. Like any other piece of equipment, they still need to be cared for to ensure longevity. That includes daily cleaning and regular maintenance sessions by professional technicians.

Fortunately, these activities are easy to do and don’t take much time. Most of them don’t even need technical know-how. You can do them by yourself.  A little maintenance can make sure that your unit lasts as long as possible so that you can get your money’s worth. We’ll give you a quick guide through those steps in the following paragraphs.

Welcome to care for drinking fountains 101.

  • Wipe The Unit Down.

Dirt and dust from the surroundings can coat your drinking fountains, making them look grimy. The water might be clean, but who’d want to drink from a fountain that looks dirty? That can be quickly avoided by wiping your units with a clean cloth and water. You can put in a bit of bleach for cleaning the push button. That is a place where germs could collect.

  • Clean The Mouthpiece.

This is an important place to be kept clean. If the mouthpieces or spigots are dirty, the water from the drinking fountains would be contaminated. It would help if you tried to clean this daily. Use some disinfectant to kill the germs, but make sure to wash it off with hot water. That will remove any residue and prevent the water from tasting funny.

  • Change The Filter.

Drinking fountain

Filters help cleanse the water flowing through the drinking fountains. But in the course of their work, they accumulate residue. If these keep building up, they will render the filters ineffective. This would make the water dirty.

It would help if you changed filter cartridges at least every six months. But if you’re using a bubbler fountain, they would require more frequent replacements. You can consult with a technician and figure out how soon you should change yours. It all depends on usage.

  • Inspect The Stream Of Water.

Visual inspection of the stream of water should be done every day. You can get a lot of information about your drinking fountains from that.

If the stream looks dirty, you should consider rewashing the unit or changing the filter. If the height has reduced, or the temperature isn’t what it used to be, you might have to call a technician.

The nozzle or the cooling system may have developed a fault and needs to be changed.

  • Have A Technician On Standby.

While You can do a lot of maintenance yourself, some things need the big guns. For those, you’d have to call in a technician. Usually, the team that installed your drinking fountains would leave a means to contact them. But if they didn’t, you can easily find one online.

With this guide, your units could serve you for a long while. And they don’t need much effort. Caring for drinking fountains is easy, but it has to be done regularly for utmost effectiveness.