Organisation is especially important when it comes to the building and infrastructure industry. Moving from project to project, with tight deadlines and the fast-paced tasks, there needs to be a compact solution to juggle the workload. Hence the existence of construction project management software, designed to keep your company on top of it. There are a range of features that allows you to do all your administration tasks on the go and in one space. Whether you are out on the worksite to the desk, you can manage all your clients and contractors without having to worry about where it’s coming from.

Construction Project Management Software Features

Daily log

Having a diary provided by this construction project management software feature, it allows workers to be updated and keep on track with the current status of the task at hand. Forget the clutter of handwritten documents, or photographs coming from so many devices, or a bounty of emails with notifications. All in the one system, a site diary can give you a place to put all your most important reporting details instantaneously. You can compile all the information that previously used to take days to weeks to collate, now just in seconds. As long as you have an internet connection you can report it with construction project management software.

Payroll and Timesheet

Gone are the days where you had to go through a billion systems just to know when you are working and how much you are getting paid. This allows employees whether full-time, part-time, casuals, and contractors to know their schedule. It organises budget, allowing them to get their money according to their work hours. With a construction project management software, forget about inconsistent pay and lack of clarity on the work hours as it is clear in the system. You can easily message your employer if the amount is mixed up, fixing it right away. A construction project management software makes sure you are paid correctly and on time.

Report Instantaneously

A construction project management software allows you to report live and on the go. Whether it is daytime or night time, you can report right away, allowing your business to be on the move and work alongside the fast paced nature of the building and infrastructure industry. This feature allows you to monitor the productivity, inventory that is used and many other findings instantly. Know how your KPI’s are doing right away with this live feature provided by a construction project management software.

Organisation and Management

Take the administration and practical work in the one space with a construction project management software. It can be hard to manage staff, allowing workers to update between different departments and sites. This is the solution, making sure that every finding is uploaded from any device, anywhere and anytime, bettering the management of your staff. These increases work productivity, allowing us to meet deadlines and complete tasks swiftly and on the move. As long as you have a mobile, you’ll know what is the go when it comes to your work shift.

Construction project management software is here to stay! There are many features that allow administrative duties to not delay the work, but keep it productive and on the go. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can upload reports, keep updated with findings and status such as KPI’s, and overall, make sure deadlines are met. With all these features, you surely cannot choose another system for all your administrative needs. Keep working with the help of construction project management software, allowing you to stay at the right pace in the workplace.