Perhaps you already heard talks about driver medicals, and then a set of questions popped in your head. What is a driver’s medical? Who is it for? Do I need to apply for one? There are many answers to this.

However, before answering these questions and going into detailed discussion, we should understand its importance and not all people are required to do it. To make you understand better, read through this article to give you a good understanding of driver medicals.

What Is Driver Medical?

A driver’s medical is a health exam that is performed by the health professionals to check the driver’s health condition. This exam is intended to determine whether a driver is fully fit to drive. Moreover, this examination is to ensure that the driver’s health condition will not affect his or her driving performance, which could result in a fatal accident.

The medical exam itself is based on the regulations that have been set by the government. Additionally, the medical exam is to check whether the driver is having long-term health issues or certain conditions that can affect them to drive safely. All of this is done to keep the public safe from the worst that can happen such as fatal accidents which could potentially injure the drivers or the public, or even the worst is causing the death of a crash victim.

Who Is the Driver Medical Exam For?

Driver medical

Depending on each region’s regulations, commonly, the driver’s medical is fulfilled for a certain group of people. Most people who will have to go through the exam are commercial drivers. A commercial driver is someone who operates a big truck that is carrying cargo or dangerous materials which will be transported to far distance.

With the large vehicles, nature of goods that they are carrying, and the distance that they are going through, it is crucial for them to be checked regularly in terms of their health.

Additionally, getting a driver’s medical may be constitutionally required or by your insurance provider. If your employment requires you to drive a big or passenger vehicle (such as a vehicle transporting customers or colleagues), you will almost certainly need a driver’s medical. It is also required for persons who operate heavy equipment, such as forklift truck drivers.

How Does a Driver Medical Work?

Generally, the exam will be done in two stages, first is assessment and second is examination. In the assessment stage, health professionals will analyze your medical records, and they will give pre-diagnose to see whether you require an examination or not.

For instance, if you are having health conditions such as narcolepsy, then the doctor will diagnose that you are unfit to drive due to your condition. You won’t need to go to the examination because the doctor has already deemed that you are unfit for the job.

On the other hand, if you are passed through the assessment, then you will go to the examination stage. A health questionnaire is the first step in the testing process. This is meant to alert you to any potential dangers to your health or driving abilities. True responses might put your health and safety at risk, as well as the health and safety of others.

The next process is a series of examinations by the health professionals to ensure that you are fully fit to drive. This can include the examinations of urine, hearing, visibility, body mass, and blood pressure.

After the examination, it will take some time before you can receive the result of your test to know whether you are fit to drive or not.

A driver’s medical is an important part that serves as protection to the public. It can help the drivers to understand their health conditions, as well as protecting others from situations that can tragically end their lives on the road. Now that you have understood what it is and who it is for, if you are a driver, take your time to get a driver medical to ensure that you are fully fit to drive.