Every tradesman has a different set of tools depending on their specialization and what they actually need to bring. Certain trades may have certain tools specific to that trade and are generally essential to that trades work.

There are many tools out there, some which you may consider essential to your work whilst your friend thinks that it is not essential at all.

However, there are some electrician supplies that are absolutely essential to their work and are required in order to do their job on construction sites and residential sites. With so many different tools for each trade, it can get confusing as to which one is actually required; especially if you are an apprentice on a budget (tools are expensive!).

Here are some of the essential tools that a tradesman needs in their electrician supplies.


A digital multimeter is an essential tool within electricians’ supplies.

A digital multimeter is used in order to measure two or more electrical values, primarily in volts, currents, and amps. It is considered to be a standard diagnostic tool in the world of tradesmen. Needle-based analog meters used to be the primary tool in use; however, digital-based multimeters have replaced them. They combine the testing capabilities of single-task meters – the ammeter, the voltmeter, and ohmmeter. They usually contain numerous additional features and advanced options. Technicians can thereby seek out models that fit their specific needs. For these reasons, a digital multimeter is an essential tool within electricians’ supplies.

Voltage tester

A voltage tester is definitely an essential tool for an electrician’s supplies.

A voltage tester (volt stick) is designed to detect the presence of an AC voltage. This is done before a technician starts work, as they do not want to cut into wires that have a live voltage as this can cause injury and/or death.

It is thereby a very important and essential tool for an electrician’s supplies.

A voltage tester works by detecting an AC voltage without metallic contact. The voltage, produced by the voltage is detected using the principle of capacitive coupling.

There have been many cases of technicians who have been burned or caused injury and/or death to themselves and others because they did not test the wiring they are working on with a voltage tester first. Working within this field can be very dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken first, and thereby the voltage tester is definitely an essential tool in electrician supplies.

Wire strippers

Wire strippers are an essential tool in electricians’ supplies as they are very useful in their ability to strip insulation in order to reveal the wiring underneath. A technician will need to strip away the insulation in order to do their work with the wiring underneath, and this is very hard to do with your fingers or other forms of tools. Wire strippers are specifically designed to be able to pull the insulation off in a smooth motion, by gripping the tool hard and fast enough. Because of their usefulness and abilities, the wire strippers are an essential tool in electricians’ supplies.


These are obviously essential tools in an electrician’s supplies.

The screwdrivers come in all different shapes and sizes in order to fit different specifications. They also will come with insulated handles (specific to this field of work) due to the danger of voltage, as rubber acts as an insulator against any dangers that a voltage can present to the user of the screwdriver.

These are the definitive essential tools required in an electrician’s supplies.

Without these tools, the technician will not be able to do his job efficiently, effectively, and safely.