The death of a loved one can be an incredibly difficult and heartbreaking time for you. It can take months or even years to get over the death of a close friend or family member. Some people never get over the death of someone close to them. While the pain can last a long time, life goes on. Part of this is sorting out the splitting of the deceased’s assets and valuables in a manner that is fair and equitable. There are many ways that will dispute lawyers can assist you with your legal needs. So let’s check some of them out!


Left out of the arrangements

You may find that you have been left out of the will of a loved one. You’re upset but you’re also confused. How do you lodge a challenge? You believe that you would be left something given your close relationship with the deceased. Indeed, this legal arrangement can actually be contested in a variety of ways. You may believe that the person lacked the testamentary capacity to construct their document (they may have suffered from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease). If this resonates with your situation, get in touch with will dispute lawyers to see if you have any grounds to contest.

At the same time, you may believe that someone’s last wishes were made under duress or fraud, meaning the person was almost tricked into making the decision. A failure to comply with any relevant legal framework could also mean that someone’s final legal testament is invalid.


Failure to provide for family

A person’s last wishes can also be contested or challenged if the deceased failed to adequately provide for direct family members. This is known as a family provision claim. It could range from a wife, husband or de facto partner to a grandchild or person who lived and was dependent on the household of the deceased.


Professionalism and experience

One of the big advantages of getting will dispute lawyers is their level of professionalism and experience. You want someone who is well equipped to take on your claimant manner in a way that is genuine, honest and compassionate. It shouldn’t matter how complicated or convoluted your claim may be, you should be able to hire will dispute lawyers that can assist you in getting a more fair outcome for you. On top of this, your solicitors should be well versed in all the legal jargon and rhetoric that you may not understand. Any documents or information that you need to provide can be handled by your will dispute lawyers, taking a lot of stress off you to do it yourself.


Money saver

Make sure you take advantage of any free consultations or free claim assessments from available will dispute lawyers. Moreover, if your claim is properly handled and successful, the Judge may rule that the estate has to pay for the claimant’s legal costs, meaning it could end up costing you nothing. This is why you need the most competent will dispute lawyers when formulating your claim against an estate. Some solicitors even abide by a “no win, no fee” policy.


Trusted support

Contesting a legal testament can bring about mixed feelings. You’re obviously distraught at someone’s death but you’re also upset that they chose to leave you out of their arrangements. Your solicitor needs to be someone you can trust; your relationship needs to be built on openness and transparency. They should be someone who can be honest when evaluating the strength of your claim and analyzing its projected success. The last thing you need to be given is false hope regarding the success of your claim.