Team building events are the perfect way to build bonds amongst a group of employees and are well worth the time investment. Running one can help your employees to get to know each other and learn to work more efficiently together. For a long time now, many companies have recognised how powerful team building events really can be. By helping to open up the lines of communication and get employees comfortable working together, they can do wonders for businesses. They’re also lots of fun and a great way to show employees that you’re interested in investing in them.

Reduce stress, entertain your staff and get everyone feeling enthusiastic about work!

Team building events are the perfect way to get your employees out and about and working together well. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when planning your next team building event.

Set goals

Firstly, if you’ve decided on planning team building events for your staff, what are you hoping to achieve? Defining a set of goals will help you to determine what activities you want to plan.

Plan your budget

Team building events and activities can come at very different price points, depending on what you want to do. During the planning phase, set a budget. There are plenty of free activities you can choose to do but if you have budget available you might choose to spend on field trips or activities like escape rooms.

Set up a planning team

Team building events can be difficult to coordinate and organise, get employees involved by setting up a planning team to organise the event. This is a great way to get them feeling involved and excited right from the get-go and can help employees to feel like they have some ownership over the way the bond and build working relationships.

Invite the right people

Workers participating in team building events

You should be careful about who you invite to team building events. Involving the right people is a must. You should be careful not to include too many people as this can dilute the effectiveness of the event, whilst excluding certain people may have the opposite of the intended effect. Plan your guest list carefully.

Choose convenient time

Don’t pick a Saturday when all of your employees are going to want to be at home with their families. Pick a good day and time when all employees are going to be able to put tools down and get involved. Provide them with plenty of notice so that they can plan meetings around it or let their employers know. This will help to prevent any issues with employees attending the event.

Activities to try

With many of us now working remotely, you may want to consider virtual activities. Some great ones to try a virtual break out rooms or brainstorming meetings which give everyone the chance to put tools down and talk creatively about ideas. Another great thing to try is virtual escape rooms. This encourages collaboration and team work and forces people to think logically, which means it can be a great way for people to work on their problem solving skills together.

It can also be fun to run online quizzes. This gets everyone working together to answer questions or competing with each other. Friendly rivalry is a great thing to foster as it injects some fun into the workday and encourages creativity. You might also get teams to work on virtual puzzles together as this can be a great way to get them to think on their feet and work well together as a team of people to solve a problem.