Divorce lawyers are key members of the divorce process. I like to think of them as pawns on a chess board. No doubt, divorce is like a scary movie with no palatable ending. Emotions are high and the atmosphere is so thick that a knife could cut through them. This explains why you must carry out extensive research before you hire divorce lawyers

You need to hire a divorce lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours and it ended well for the client. Consider these questions below before you go on to hire a divorce lawyer for your divorce case. 

Top Questions to ask divorce Lawyers 

  • What is your experience in handling divorce cases? 

This question is very vital because you don’t want to hire a newbie or someone inexperienced. It’s like allowing a pilot who has never flown a plane finally gets the opportunity to fly you. 

You don’t want to add logistical repercussions to all the emotional baggage that already cones with the divorce process. 

  • Have you settled any case outside the court? If yes, how many? 

Some people want to stay out of the eyes of the public. Good divorce lawyers should at least have a divorce case where it was settled outside the court, probably family mediation skills were employed. Settling your case outside the court translates to having less drama. 

  • Have you done collaborative divorce once? 

Sometimes it’s just not about fighting till the finished lines. You and your spouse can come to a working consensus without much fight. This is what collaborative divorce is all about. The divorce process could end with you and your ex-spouse on good terms. You may even still be friends with each other. 

  • I hope you don’t know my spouse.

Your divorce lawyers may come from Harvard and be at the top of the class in his or her schooling days. But, the moment your lawyer knows your spouse, it might be a wrong step in the wrong direction for you. The person may develop a soft spot for your spouse and see things from their perspective and not yours. Or, it may affect their ability to perform in court. 

Always ensure you ask before you hire them especially if you live in a small town where everybody knows everybody. 

  • Do you know the local family court judge assigned to me my case? And if yes, how well? 

Experienced divorce lawyers will have a thorough knowledge of most of the family court judges in town. This is because a good number of judges are quite predictable in their judgment. If your lawyer knows this fact, he will know how to come up with plans to make a good case for you. 

Always ask this question because it will make a difference in how your lawyer handles your case. 

  • Do you have any experience in handling financial settlements? 

Money-related issues will always come up in most divorce cases. To get a favorable outcome, the divorce lawyers to hire should have ample experience in handling cases such as this. 

What other question to ask divorce lawyers do you think we left out? Tell us!