It is very easy to talk about the subject of ladies pleasure as a direct correlation to the orgasm. Ideally this is achieved at every opportunity, but that is not always the case. Enjoying sex and masturbation requires some reflection from women, giving them a chance to see what turns them on and identifying approaches that actually work. We will look at some techniques that sex professionals and specialists advocate in this environment.

Healthy Bodies Optimise Pleasure

From the very outset it is important to state that females of any body type can engage with ladies pleasure techniques because everyone deserves happiness. With this being said, there is empirical evidence that healthier bodies deliver better results in the bedroom because of our human makeup. People who have healthy bodies and diets experience increased blood flow to the genital region, while continued exercise boosts stimulation and arousal. If there is any reason to keep hold of that gym membership or to start a run or bike ride, this will be it!

Practice Makes Perfect

Ladies pleasure

There is no reason why masturbation should remain a taboo subject, especially in the context of ladies pleasure. Reaching climax requires time and effort, something that can be unpredictable with a partner depending on their status and longevity. That is why some important alone time opens up opportunities with toys, with baths, with viewing materials and the right music for the right tone. This is not alone a way to achieve orgasm in isolation, but to find out some key pressure points that elevates arousal.

Give Pleasure as Much as You Receive It

One of the best ways to have fun in the bedroom and to enjoy ladies pleasure to its full capacity is to provide pleasure for your partner as much as it is reciprocated. Whether it is with a man, a woman or a collection of partners, it is worthwhile providing them with some tender love and care and paying attention to their desires. If they are satisfied in the bedroom, they are far more likely to reciprocate and invest the time and effort that you deserve.

Foreplay & Role Play

Experimenting in the bedroom is a great way to achieve some targets when it comes to ladies pleasure techniques. This is where foreplay lays the groundwork, increasing the arousal and stimulating the genitals with any number of approaches, from kissing and touching to working the body over with shoulder rubs and delicate caressing of the back and thighs. For couples that really want to spice up their sex life, role play can really do the trick, taking partners out of their normal lives and transforming into anything their fantasy desires.

Engage Openly With Your Partner

Women who want to make the most of their love life are doing themselves no favours if they are making assumptions about what their partner enjoys or failing to disclose what turns them on. It is important for the sake of ladies pleasure that women share an open and honest dialogue with their partner about these issues. What do they respond to? What don’t they respond to? Don’t be afraid to have these conversations because it will only hurt your sex life in the long run and damage the relationship.

Try & Have Fun

It might sound like an obvious strategy to use with ladies pleasure techniques, but half of the challenge is to have fun with it! Those who analyse and overthink the issue will often find that they are never present in the moment, considering the activity a personal science experiment. Whether it is with a partner or for some alone time, the key is to relax and to have fun because that is what sex and pleasure is all about.