Going on a helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is a great way to experience some of the planet’s best natural (and man-made) wonders, from the bustling City of Lights to the dramatic Mojave Desert. Seeing them from the sky offers you unbeatable panoramic views.

Thrill-seekers and photographers should look no further than a chopper tour; it’s the perfect combination of an adventure and photography trip. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the area – expert narrators will guide you along your trip to fill you in on the important stuff.


Things to consider before you board

Before jumping on your helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas there are some things to think about, including:


The cost of your flight will vary based on the kind of tour you choose. Longer flights will naturally cost more than shorter ones, as will exclusive tours which provide things such as wine and snacks. Prices range from about $180-500.

Entry requirements

Age shouldn’t be a factor when boarding the aircraft – flights have been known to carry infants as young as two months old! You will be required to provide identification if you’re older than 18, however. Additionally, if you weigh over 130kg you may have to buy an additional seat. Ensure you are sober before boarding the chopper as you won’t be allowed to board if you are drunk.


It is important to buy your helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas tickets several weeks before the flight to prevent missing out, as tickets are competitive.


What happens on the tour

Your tour guides should provide you with free transport between your hotel and the aircraft. More costly tours should transport you in a limo and provide you with complimentary champagne. They may also let you rest in their pre-flight room. Avoid eating or drinking too much before your flight to help prevent motion sickness.

Once on the chopper, you should be provided with a headset which will give you narration during your journey. Alternatively, you may have a guide present to give you narration in-person.

Once in the air, there are a few iconic sites you’ll see on your helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas tour:


Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam has been providing water to local inhabitants for almost 80 years. The impressive dam was built by 5000 workers, 100 of whom died in the process.


Colorado River

One of the Southwestern United States’ major rivers, the Colorado provides water to millions of people across the region. It is over 2,000km long and is an incredibly powerful and beautiful river with a rich Native American history.


Lake Mead

Lake Mead developed after building Hoover Dam and is the biggest artificial lake in the country. Its rich blue tones and vibrant shorelines look stunning from a helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas – it’s hard to tell it’s man made! There is a great amount of biodiversity in the region, thanks to the flora and fauna who are able to thrive in parched, warm environments.


Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert isn’t dry and empty like many deserts are – it’s a vibrant hub for a range of plant and animal species. You can thank its dramatic appearance to the wide variety of landscapes – including mountains, valleys and woodlands – it is home to.

The majority of helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas flights include a break in which the aircraft will touch down in the valley and allow you to walk around.