The internet helps in making the world a more easily connected place. It is very easy to interact with people anywhere in the world. The world has become a much smaller place due the internet connectivity.

Some points that clarify how the internet has helped us:

  • Communication: communication can now take place across the globe in real time. Communication is cheaper and easier making it very easy to promote business.
  • Saving time: time is saved as work that which previously would take a lot of time to get it done and can now be done just by clicking a few buttons. Work has become more productive.
  • Information and knowledge: information and knowledge is now available at the touch of a button. It is very easy to find any kind of information about anything by accessing the various search engines.
  • Active participation: you can actively participate in any activity you wish to. People can get involved, criticize, follow guide promote anything that they are interested in.
  • Social connectivity: social media platforms on the internet help people to connect. People connect socially as well as for business promotions. Connecting with people has become very easy.
  • Digital payments: payments for any kind of businesses or for any kind of service that is provided can easily be paid for through the internet. Digital money is now the best way to make payments and transactions.
  • Freelancing: freelancing job opportunities are now very easy to pursue. Many platforms are now available for people to pursue different careers. Online career options are available for people who wish to work from home without any limiting time frame.

But we need to keep in mind that there are some limitations also with the internet.  Due to increase in internet connectivity privacy has decreased. It can be very addictive to be on the internet. With the benefits you need to also keep in mind that the internet needs to be used with responsibility.