Increasing economic growth is resulting in an increase in the disposable income that people are collecting. Consumers that crave convenience look for ways to get services done in a way that is easier, cheaper and faster than before.

Service sector businesses have basic low investment combined with conventional and at time unconventional ideas that together help in the business becoming a success.

Some low cost service related business ideas are:

  • Dry cleaning and laundry business: being a dry cleaner means one has to be an expert in fabric caring and cleaning. This also needs knowledge of using certain chemicals and solvents that will not harm the fabric but instead will get the fabric clean and fresh looking. This service, coupled with the home delivery pick-up and return option makes this service quiet sought after.
  • Personal trainers in fitness: people in health and fitness look for personal trainers that can guide them and train them. You need to have basic knowledge and training in the particular field of fitness that you plan on teaching.
  • Travel and tours: organizing tours and excursions, booking hotels and tickets to travel are just some of the work that a travel agency needs to look into. With the sector of travel and tourism growing at a tremendous speed it is a very viable to pursue this career option.
  • Tiffin services: providing home cooked, nutritious, clean and healthy meals is now a very fast growing market. Professionals in this time and age now do not have the time to cook meals. Good quality food with pick up and drop services are very sought after.
  • Coaching: coaching students or giving tuitions to school and college going children is highly lucrative. Tuitions can be given in different subjects to help the students cope with their studies.

Different kinds of services are now being provided at a minimum rate. This helps not only the busy consumers but also the service providers making this a win-win situation for everyone.