Personal shoppers help people to shop. These personal shoppers have to determine the client’s needs. The client is interviewed in order to assess the client’s personality to making the shopping experience easier and enjoyable. By assessing the needs of the client the personal shopper also pencils in the budget that the client wants to spend. These shoppers are professional consultants that keep in mind the client’s personality, life style when making decisions or giving their opinions.

Though this may sound easy it is very difficult to put together a complete portfolio that matches the requirements of the clients.

This field though very lucrative is as yet very small and untouched yet. Many retail giants offer personal shoppers from their own employees. Not many people have as yet accepted the concept of employing a personal advisor or consultant for themselves yet.

Shoppers need to build a strong intimate relationship with their clients. As this work is related to an aspect of a person’s personality and persona that truly reflects what the person is on a professional or personal level it is very important to have an in-depth knowledge of the client’s likes, dislikes, needs and wants.

Constant feedback is required from the client. The personal shopper has to be able to give constructive criticism to the client. This needs to be done in a manner that doesn’t offend the customer. The critique needs to expressed and accepted in a positive manner so that the client and the shopper can both benefit from an open and clear dialogue.

Personal shoppers need to have excellent inter personal relationships with designers and stores.  As this career option is based on a symbiotic relationship between the shopper and the retailers it will benefit both to have a clear transparent relationship.

Being a personal shopper is a very good career opportunity for someone who has an aesthetically pleasing taste in clothes and who can convey criticism in a very positive manner.