The Self Storage Wyong finds preferable services not only this attractive coastal town, but also the entire region of the Central Coast of New South Wales. With a population of around 355, 000 residents, the Central Coast can find many reasons to use the Self Storage Wyong provides to clients in this collection of towns boasting beautiful beaches, lush hinterland, bustling commerce, and busy lifestyles. Wyong is part of the corridor between the port city of Newcastle, only 63 kilometres away, and the thriving capital metropolis of New South Wales, Sydney city, which is 89 km distant. As such, Wyong has become a destination for those wanting to store personal or business items, and don’t want to pay premium prices for minimal space in the major cities and urban areas.

What are the Reasons for Using the Self Storage Wyong has on Offer?

Perhaps you’re a young professional, or young couple, who enjoy a busy lifestyle of work and leisure, and you’ve collected too many items that are cluttering your home, such as surfboards, and dirt bikes, sports equipment and camping gear. Or you might be a boutique business owner in the local area with enough merchandise to fill a storage container, but not enough stock to warrant renting a warehouse. Or you could be an empty nester, with grown up kids that have flown the coop, but who have left behind all the items of their childhood.

You could even be a retiring couple who are downsizing from the city but upscaling the quality of your life, and you want to keep safe all those items that have marked the milestones you have celebrated. For these reasons, and many more, choosing to store your precious belongings or valuable stock in the Self Storage Wyong is proud of, is a logical choice.

The Self Storage Wyong presents to the public is a perfect choice for residents of the Central Coast for the following reasons:

  • The storage units are the most modern and secure sites available
  • The storage facilities are clean and monitored with 24-hour CCTV
  • The storage facilities are high-gated and patrolled
  • Well-lighted bays with trolleys and parking are accessed by electronic code
  • Customer Service is accessible around the clock via phone even after hours
  • The storage units are affordable and preferable to city and urban facilities.

Wyong self storage services

A choice of larger or smaller, modern, titanium storage units, with code or key access make the Self Storage Wyong prefers highly attractive to Central Coast residents wanting to put away those items of leisure or business in a safe place. With 24-hour CCTV monitoring, regular patrols, high-wire fencing and electronic access, the Self Storage Wyong provides is more than suitable for clients, it is almost a necessity. Freeing up space at home, safe-guarding sentimental items of a life celebrated, or ensuring your valuable products will make it to market, guarantee you will choose the storage units at a Wyong facility.

The Self Storage Wyong holds in high regard are facilities that are regularly maintained, well-lighted and hygienically clean which offers convenience and makes storing or retrieving items more of a pleasurable outing than a chore. With toilet facilities, vending machines, easy to use trolleys, elevator access to multi-levels, you’ll be pleasantly delighted by how modern and user-friendly the Self Storage Wyong prefers, has on show.

Affordable cost with monthly terms and round the clock customer call centres, in case you forget your pass code or have an issue, bring clients from all over the Central Coast region to Wyong storage, wanting to store away those old guitars, or the newest line of lampshades they are bringing to their shop, or all those items from their children’s busy growing up.

So, look no further if you are a Central Coaster, or even a Sydneysider or Newcastle local, because the Self Storage Wyong boasts to the public, is the perfect place to keep all your belongings or all your merchandise.