Time billing software is now the go to choice for both clients and professionals alike.

From high flying legal eagles to stay-at-home freelancers, time billing software is a smart way to ensure professionals are receiving the right amount of money for their effort, that they are billing their clients for the right frames, all encompassed in simple to use products that get invoices out faster and money in your bank account quicker.

Gone are the days of manual entry sheets or complicated, lengthy and hard to decipher and breakdown invoices. In an age where business has become tighter than ever and more people are working remotely, time billing software ensures your staff or your professional is working the hours required and in turn, they are kept equally happy as they are getting the correct wage for quantified hours worked.

Without question, time billing software is great for both parties with unparalleled levels of efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Here are some of the key factors to look for in your product.

Easy to use-

Remember, the point of time billing software is that you need to be able to use it across all of your staff and sub-contractor base. Some may have high levels of computer literacy whilst others might have just the basic skills they need in order to go about their duties.

An easy to use platform will not only increase trust on account of transparency, but it will also lead to fewer help enquiries or lengthy tutorials.

Fast batch invoicing-

Time billing software

Invoicing is inevitable for services rendered and just as nobody likes slow payment on their invoices, nobody likes to receive expensive and overdue invoices they have forgotten all about. Fast batch invoicing nips any drawn out dispute resolution processes over bills in the bud right then and there and will lead to prompter payment and increased business turnover for any organization.

Back-end data reports and tracking-

Keep the front of house in order by monitoring all things performance based from the back-end of your time billing software. Grab reports for individual clients, service suppliers or staff members and keep track of where the key areas of profitability are within your business without having to spend hours dealing with accounts departments or wade through quarterly budget reports.

Prompt reimbursement of incidentals-

Whether your business is operating out of one office or has people engaged globally, out of pocket expenses such as travel, transport, accommodation or other incidentals can add up leaving your workers out of pocket and some black holes in your budget. A time billing software package that helps your team log occurred expenses helps you track and keep tab of your running costs and ensures your staff are kept happy not having to be burdened with carrying the load of work-related expenses.

Compatible smart phone application-

What is the point of having excellent time billing software if it can’t be used to log hours that needs to be billed from anywhere and everywhere?

Make sure your time billing software has an app that carries all of the features mentioned above and is compatible across both mobile phone platforms.

Time billing software eliminates the need for large accounts and payroll departments or the need to subcontract out this kind of work.

For the relatively small outlay of a comprehensive program that features all of the above, you can not only streamline your business, but also expedite the invoicing process leading to happier clients and greater cash flow for your growing business.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to get time billing software working for you.