I know you must be under the impression that supermarkets actually help you save, while that’s not completely untrue. They sometimes do help you to save some money, but their real purpose is to earn out of you and that’s a fact. Be it money saving dodgy offers or the multi buys, they really try hard to get that moolah out of your pocket.

Check out these sneaky strategies made by supermarkets to trick you;

Floor layouts that mesmerise you

It’s true! All that lightings and placement is not just for good presentation but to influence you. They really put in a lot of effort into this and most of the time it does serve them in the same manner. This is how they encourage you;

  • By playing soft music, so that you feel happy and rushed and don’t feel like going back home to do the leftover dishes. Yes, that’s how you spend extra time and money there but you won’t accept it.
  • By putting healthy, juicy and fresh vegetables and fruits right at the front, so that you fill your basket with it first and later take those snacks which you really desire.
  • Placing the important products at the last row, so that while finding those you put your eyes on other attractive products
  • They also totally hide the eggs and make you walk the entire store
  • Stacking expensive items right in front of the eyes along with popular combinations, so that you end up trying both the items you see.

BOGOF deals

BOGOF is (buy one get one free offer). Everybody loves it, isn’t it? But often they can turn quiet deceptive. That is because, many a times, the price mentioned in the BOGOF deal is super hiked, whereas it would be better and cost effective to purchase the same product not in offer. So it is better to take time and compare the individual prices.


This is where you are told to buy something in bulk and save money, but in fact it is not that great a deal. This trick just makes you buy more than you intended. Although you don’t spend extra money on it but you neither save it. For instance, a packet says 5 for 5$, when in fact their individual price happens to be 1$. So you just end up getting extra stuff home although you didn’t need it. They encourage you to buy in bulk.

Top deals which are not that top

When you take a walk in the supermarket aisle or shop at Woolies online, you often come across outshining boards saying ‘Low Price’, ‘Top deals’, and more. All you have to do is take a good look on the product and whether if it is at all in your buying list. The offers are mostly on products you don’t really need, and if you do then again check the real price.

So basically the supermarket leaves no stone unturned to entice and tempt you in buying unnecessary stuff, but hopefully you are mature enough to know what’s going to benefit you and what would not.