Purchasing a new heating system for your home is a big decision, they can be costly and one of the more expensive items you purchase for your household. The benefits of purchasing the right system for your home are numerous, there’s nothing better than a warm shower after all!

If you’re looking at making the purchase to replace or add a new system, then it’s important that you take the proper things into consideration and make an informed decision. Read on below to find out more about what to consider.


Tank size

Hot water cylinders come in a variety of sizes to fit different household needs. If you have a larger family and regularly have two showers on the go, then it might be worth considering a larger tank to meet your needs. Smaller one to two person households are unlikely to need very large tanks and might not need to go to the extra expense of installing a large tank.

On average a 150 litre tank is suitable for about one to four people, whilst a 250+ litre tank is most appropriate for six to eight people.

If you’re upsizing your tank there’s a few things you should consider, like whether your current system and pipes can accommodate the larger capacity and whether you have the space for it.

You should also know, that whilst energy costs won’t dramatically increase you should expect a bit of a cost bump when you get a larger tank.



Before purchasing a new hot water cylinder you should consider the warranty it comes with. Hot water cylinders are big ticket items and costly to purchase, they’re also complicated systems and there is a lot that can go wrong if they are not correctly installed and maintained.

It is very important therefore that you ensure your hot water cylinder has a long warranty on it that guarantees your system will be properly repaired or replaced if there are any issues.

It is common to get a warranty for about 12 months, but some manufacturers offer an extended 18 months and it is sometimes possible to purchase extended warranties.



Before purchasing your new hot water cylinder it is important to confirm the efficiency rating of the system. Higher efficiency systems are both better for the environment and for your wallet in the long run.

Whilst you might incur some cost in the short term in buying a higher quality, better efficiency rated system, you will likely save yourself a lot of money on your monthly gas bill.


Best energy type for your home

Hot water cylinders are generally a better choice, they’re cleaner, more cost effective and more efficient then electric systems but they’re not always the best choice in all circumstances.

If you have a pre-existing electric system that you are replacing you must consider the cost of switching energy types as changing between systems can get costly.

That said, you can’t go wrong with a hot water cylinder and installation costs are usually very reasonable.


What is the water pressure in your home?

Before purchasing a system make sure you know whether your home is on mains or low pressure, as this will affect which system you buy.

Houses with low pressure will not be able to run on mains systems and vice versa, systems must be adapted to the pressure in the home. There are some great systems out there that can improve the pressure in households not on mains and make showering a much more pleasant experience.