We all want to make sure our bodies are looked after, being the health-conscious generation, we all want to ensure we live long and fruitful lives. We diet, exercise, and apply all manner of treatments, ointments and essential oils in the pursuit of a healthier disposition. However, many of us neglect the checkups that can often detect issues before they arise. Mole mapping is one of the easiest ways to look after ourselves with minimal invasion of privacy or time.

In a country like Australia, skin cancer can be quite the killer, on a worldwide scale, we dominate the rest of the world in terms of instances. Today we will explore the benefits of mole mapping and why it’s important to get checked on a regular basis.

What is Mole Mapping?

The concept is quite straightforward, in essence, mole mapping is a surveillance-based checkup by a dermatological expert that tracks spots present on your skin. Over several checkups detection of melanomas and abnormalities become present and further treatment can be advised. The checkup is world-renowned as an incredibly effective step towards ensuring a healthy body and for Australians who have a higher UV exposure rate, it can easily save lives.

What Can I Expect In a Mole Mapping Session?

The painless and non-invasive procedure for mole mapping typically takes around 1 hour to complete. The dermatological expert will then proceed with documenting and examining the entire skin surface of your body, documenting, and noting the location, size and appearance of spots that occur. Photographs are often taken of potentially problematic areas of the body that will require a more dutiful observation down the line but don’t fret, all experts are trained professionals in the medical field and have your best interests as the forefront motivation.

These notes and images are then collated and checked again over a period of time to be determined by your treating dermatological expert. The essence of mole mapping is more to surveil and assess any slight irregularities that can occur over time and determine whether further treatment is required or necessary. If there are problematic areas that arouse curiosity in the examiner’s eyes, the images and relevant data is passed directly to them for further consultation.  

Why Should I Book A Mole Mapping Consultation?

Female patient undertaking a mole mapping procedure

The question that looms over most people who are informed of the non-invasive and highly effective tactic. The question of why is simple enough to comprehend, having an expert observe and report on spots that are often easily missed by the naked eye is immeasurably beneficial. Especially in a country like Australia where the presence of skin cancers is relatively higher and a lot of the traditional Aussie activities are outside sports and activities with a heavy dose of sunlight exposure, it’s vital to be on the safer side of the sun.

As such, mole mapping is always a recommendation for those of you who work outside in the sun a lot, spend a lot of time outdoors, or if you’re prone to skin sensitivities and have a familial history of skin cancers. These are all precautionary measures of course, but when it comes to looking after your health, it extends beyond yourself.

Mole mapping is a safe, non-invasive precautionary procedure that should be essential for anyone concerned about their health and general well-being. The experts who conduct mole mapping are specially trained and experienced in the field of skin spots and are well equipped to put your mind at ease. It’s a no-brainer, find a clinic and book one in today.