Toking cannabis has been a centuries old tradition for many people all across the world. From a smoking pipe found in an ancient Egyptian tomb, to their use through native peoples culture and now its prevalence across the modern world, having a toke session with your friends seems to be a favourite pastime throughout history. As we have modernized our methods for just about everything, toking is no exception. There are so many different methods available now for getting your sesh on that it can often be difficult to think about which method to use. Using a smoking pipe is one of the most popular methods available out there and has been popularized in use throughout the ages, with many choosing to do so with tobacco and now also cannabis. It can provide many benefits in its use over other methods, and if you choose to, you can look like Gandalf puffing away while looking mysterious. Not a bad look, if you ask us.

Here are some reasons why you may opt to choose a smoking pipe over other methods.

Discrete and portable

Using a smoking pipe is one of the most discrete and portable methods you could choose. Using something like a bong or a joint can raise suspicions, especially if you live in a location where cannabis use is still criminalized. A bong is usually quite large and cannot be very portable as it is an obvious-looking tool, and many will recognize what it is for and its use. With a joint, it may be easily transported, however, the smell and smoke that it gives off is very, very obvious and will stick to your clothes for a long time, making it even more obvious. A smoking pipe can be hidden in a bag, suitcase, or even just a box made for its storage. This can be transported around easily for use wherever you are. Furthermore, it does not produce a lot of smoke, and while it will smell a bit, if it is used and quickly packed away, it can be rather discrete in its use.

Save on your cannabis

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The use of a smoking pipe can be cannabis efficient, as it does not take a lot to get you high. You only need enough to pack into the bowl of the smoking pipe. Ripping this will ensure that you get high, then you can chill out! Using other methods such as a joint, will definitely waste the cannabis and will use more than is necessary. Be cannabis efficient to save your money!

The aesthetics

As the world evolves, so too does the world of cannabis. Aesthetics and designs have come a long way since the days of old, and you can get an incredible-looking smoking pipe for a good price on the market. Many of them will be made of glass which can create beautiful designs with colour, swirls, and interesting shapes. Or, you could opt to go old school and have a Gandalf esque pipe which can make you look like a wizard, or someone from the 1920s. For a smoking pipe, there is a large selection of different designs and colors, and you will be spoiled for choice.

Overall, a smoking pipe is a great choice for a stoner, as it provides many benefits over other methods. These include the fact that they are discrete and portable, is cannabis efficient (and therefore money efficient!) and have incredible designs. For any unsure stoner, a smoking pipe is definitely a great choice and should be considered heavily.