Having an accessory is a great way to express your overall personality and style. It’s perfect for adding character and charm to any outfit you wear. The jade necklace in New Zealand has a longstanding history and meaning behind the gemstone jewellery wear. Not only making a difference to the Maori people, but the jade necklace in New Zealand has also traveled far and wide with evidence of the gemstone being founded in Asia and Meso America. It’s no wonder why it’s being used all over the world. There is an abundance of benefits involved such as its creativity, healing, and soothing properties. Let’s break the chain and see all the wonderful qualities that make a jade necklace in New Zealand a staple piece of jewellery.


The jade necklace in New Zealand has an incredible history and legend tale behind this precious rock. For those who don’t know there are two minerals involved in jadeite and nephrite, which altogether create a good variation between the green shades. There is a long history between different countries ranging from China, Maori, and Mexico. One specific moment in time was when the Spaniards had lived in Mexico, with the Aztecs prizing the jade necklace in New Zealand more than gold. These gemstones were used for a variety of things from the Maori people such as weaponry, tools, and other decorations that were passed down through history from generation to generation. These were then considered a great gemstone for jewellery making heirloom hei-tiki that were created from pendants called pounamu. When the Maori people needed to acquire more of hei-tiki, they get in touch with a tohunga otherwise known as a wizard in order to find the jade necklace in New Zealand. The tohunga would go for exploration, getting gatherers to hunt the gemstone using help from their ancestors in order to find it. The gemstone has a massive meaning to culture with dying family members being buried in a jade necklace in New Zealand and other hei-tiki pendants as a way to guide their families in the afterlife. For most people, they are afraid of the afterlife but for the Maori people, they believe it to be a great comfort for a reunion with their ancestors.

Meaning & Symbolism

New Zealand jade necklace to wear

The jade necklace in New Zealand is largely known for its musical and robust features, perfect for those who need to get into the creative zone. For those who are wondering, the perfect time to utilize the gemstone is between 9 to 10 at night. They are largely used in instrumentation specifically chimes, gongs, and xylophones, creating a nice sound for anyone to listen to. There are lovely tones made from these instruments, with people in China believing to symbolise the sound of a loved one.


Improve Health & Vitality

A jade necklace in New Zealand is the ideal jewellery form for making sure you are in the best of health no matter where you are. They are great for getting rid of toxins and negative energy from the body, ensuring there is a more positive flow on the body giving the best support to the immune system. This is great for if you have digestion issues to even much more serious ailments. This ensures that the wearer will be at their best health condition physically and mentally.

Mental Clarity

One of the most beneficial qualities of the jade necklace in New Zealand is the fact that it provides you with inner relaxation that other kinds of minerals cannot provide. It is especially great for clarity and concentration, providing a clearer insight into any underlying issues that may be going on. It’ll allow you to take the time to love and care for yourself giving you perspective to see all the wonderful qualities about yourself to embrace.