About Lila Projects

In an industry infamous for seeing companies come and go, Lila Projects stands outs for its longevity. By providing our clients with an exceptional level of skill and customer service, Lila Projects has been able to grow — in both size and the variety of services we provide — throughout the years. Established in the Ripon area as a small company with a focus on roof installation and repairs, Lila Projects now provides an array of roofing and construction services to residential and commercial clients throughout Greater Boston, and on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

In addition to offering professional roofing and siding installation, we provides window installation services, professional interior and exterior painting, general carpentry services, deck building and design, rooftop snow and ice dam removal, and chimney repair and masonry. We also work in the renewable energy field, providing our residential and commercial clients with solar energy solutions with a proven record of reducing energy costs.

Safety & Assurance

At Lila Project, safety is paramount. Our employees and subcontractors are not just bodies to finish a task. Every worker on every jobsite needs to go home exactly how they came to work that day. We stress this from the top down.

Policies, procedures and site inspections are designed to ensure safe environments. We offer workers incentives to operate safely. We have signs, equipment, and regular meetings to stress safety. But we also know that worksite safety is rooted in care and compassion. We get to know our employees and our subcontractors. We know what sports their kids play and what they like to do on the weekends. We get out in the field, look our workers in the eyes, and tell them “I care about you.”