By strengthening ones economy you can strengthen the growth of your country. A strong country means better life opportunities for the citizens of the country. When the citizens of the country are safe and secure them in turn invest back in the society thus helping the economy to become stronger.

Some ways to strengthen economy and alleviate optimum productivity:

  • Universal health system: the government should implement a health care system that pays for all regular and catastrophic health issues.
  • Positive employment policies: workers should be hired and retained even during periods of recession. The companies will do this if they are offered tax incentives. For workers who do not have jobs the government should provide them with work in the government sector.
  • Infrastructure improvement: essential infrastructure like roads, electricity, water systems should be regularly checked, repaired and maintained by the government.
  • Encouraging urban density: though the population level in urban areas is increasing at an alarming rate the government should intervene by provide low cost housing on the fringes of urban areas for the people looking for employment in urban region ns.
  • Wealth taxation: taxes while working against inequality can also help in improving productivity. Taxes should be paired with incentives and productive construction for the taxpaying citizens.
  • Skilled immigration: increase in the immigration of skilled workers will help boost entrepreneurship and service industries.
  • Subsidies in wages: subsidies in the taxation for a certain income group should be implemented,
  • Increase in research funding: research and technology should be encouraged to better productivity.
  • Child care support: assisting in child care will help the people who might be single parents to balance their careers and the bringing up of their children.
  • Promote exports: the economy that enters the world market gets very productive and this can also help the sustaining and promotion of small domestic based industries and businesses.

Strengthening the economy of a country is directly related in the growth of the people of the country.