There can be any number of reasons why you might be in the market for helicopter lessons. Whether you are looking to tick another adventure off your bucket list, looking to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a commercial helicopter pilot or looking for that perfect gift idea for that thrill seeking loved one, there is a range of flight lessons to suit your needs.

Helicopters are powerful and unique pieces of machinery which hold appeal and wonder for people of all ages. They also open the door to a world of career opportunities. So why not have a look at the best place to get started, and that is with a trial introductory flight.

Trial introductory flights-

A trial introductory helicopter lesson is the best way to satisfy any amateur’s curiosity about helicopter flight. These lessons are designed for people with no previous experience and are the first step into a world of new heights.

What to expect-

After a short classroom tutorial, your instructor will take you through your standard pre-flight safety checks and from there it is time to get some hands-on experience with the controls of an actual flying helicopter.

Each student flight helicopter is fitted with dual controls where you will be under the guidance of a pilot in command instructor.

You will get to experience hovering whilst at the helm of the controls, along with forward flight and some basic maneuvering.

These are provided obligation free with no further requirement to continue lessons if you don’t desire. However, most find trial introductory helicopter lessons pretty addictive and are soon coming back in order to be able to conduct their first solo flight or to obtain their private or commercial pilot licenses.

So where does this lead to next?

Helicopter lessons

If you choose to continue with your helicopter lessons as you aim towards your first solo flight, the next two steps once you have completed the trial introductory flight are to pass a medical by a medical examiner and then to obtain a security clearance by your relevant national authority. Now you are ready for your student pilot’s license.

After completing the required hours of dual control flight training, you will move on to solo control flight and from here you may wish to apply for either a commercial helicopter pilot license or a private helicopter pilot license.

What are the benefits of having a commercial or private helicopter license?

If you choose to continue with your helicopter lessons, there are a range of wonderful benefits as well as career options that can become available to you.

As a private helicopter license holder, you will be able to take joy flights with friends and family anywhere you like including hard to reach exotic locations or uninhabited tropical islands. You can also use them for farming or mustering purposes on private property.

With a commercial helicopter pilot license there are a vast range of career options that will become opened to you. Some examples of these are-

  • Aerial and real estate photography
  • News reporting
  • Geographical surveying
  • Aerial fire-fighting and controlled burning
  • Scenic flight and tourism operator
  • Job site transport
  • Feral animal control
  • Special event filming
  • Mining and offshore rigs
  • General Charter
  • Armed forces

These are just a few and there are plenty more, many of which afford you the opportunity of excellent paying work in unique locations both here and abroad.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then why not look into helicopter lessons and start right away with a trial introductory flight? You never know just what heights that first helicopter lesson could lead to.