No matter how lavish your décor looks, there is nothing more important than having a comfy leather sofa to lie upon after a long day’s work. Whether it’s for a good long nap in the afternoon to a nice snuggle while watching a movie, a couch determines how truly cosy a place is. There is a number of characteristics to look out for when finding a comfy leather sofa. With all these key identifiers in consideration, it is essential to take your time when shopping for the couch. It is going to be your home inside your home, so it is highly important to have a good one to make your space as precious as it is. In this article, we will be crashing onto the couch and determining what makes a good leather sofa.

Here is what you should consider with a good leather sofa

It’s all the in the arms

One way of determining whether your leather sofa is on the ball is if the arms are comfortable. Signs of a bad couch is one that has a lot of wobble, making it easy to fall over if using the piece of furniture. By having a more stable leather sofa, you can feel like you have a good foundation to support the frame of your furnishing. With the help of these arms, you will have furniture that is at your side. The arms will be able to hold you as you lie down or sit on the furniture.

Whether it’s the real deal or not

A real leather sofa will not break on you as it is highly durable and long lasting. The best signs to tell whether something is truly leather is if it feels warm to the touch and has a grainy but soft feel. Other ways include its unique oak smell and should show pores as it is made from animal skin. Fake versions will break quickly, giving you a new and expensive couch that is already worn out. Some couches only put parts of the furnishing with the real material which means that it I not getting all the incredible qualities of it.

The right quality for you

The quality of your leather sofa will be determined by the type of animal that used to make the couch and its grain. A full grain is one of the most durable of the material as the pattern is tightly put together. It avoids moisture and it develops a nice tan overtime. Top grain has a much softer texture than the full grain as it has been smoothed down to look much more cohesive and together. Top grain is also a good choice as it warms your body up, giving you a warm body. Split and Bond are the type of grains you want to avoid as they can easily wear and tear, making it invaluable for its expensive prices.

If it’s dyed the right way

A good leather sofa is one that has a good colour in it. The best type of dyes include pure aniline which has an incredibly rich colour, is supple and soft to the touch. The only downside it is prone to fading and stains. Semi aniline retains a natural look for the couch and pigmented has a nice sheen. The type of dye you choose depends on the kind of look you want for your home.  

There are variety of factors to consider before purchasing a high-quality leather sofa. Aspects such as dye, grain, animal skin, and the material all will determine whether or not you have a decent couch. A leather sofa is the way to go!